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Why invest in a Staff Portal or Staff App?

If you’re looking for an effective way to engage your employees, boost morale and maintain a positive atmosphere within your business, CAW Digital's Bespoke Staff Systems fit this criteria and can be customised for use by any organisation within any industry.

We can develop a bespoke platform where staff can interact with each other, employees can make suggestions to senior management to improve the business and to offer information for employees on any company news or staff benefits, Here are just some of the great reasons to invest in a Staff System, our systems are designed and build completely to suit your needs and come with no running costs or subscriptions,.


Providing your staff with a platform that will keep them motivated is a great way of ensuring their work ethic is high and most importantly that your work force is happy. Provide your teams with clear goals and positive incentives to work towards, benefits your organisation as well as the individuals. Using a Staff Portal system to do this is a great way of sharing information with everyone at once.

The Staff Portal gives users the ability to add ideas and suggest improvements for their team and the business. Others then get the ability to comment on this, like / dislike the idea. Triggers can be set to alert management when the idea has reached so much interest so you can see this is worth investigating further and people have done plenty of research on.


You can use the platform to update staff on the latest company news and share any important information and documents with them straight away. The homepage can be customised to show exactly what you want it to and is an easy way for staff to look at different sections through the dashboard feature. You can even set the portal as the homepage of your internet service, so every time your staff open a new window, they are reminded to log in and stay up-to-date.


Add key elements that a modern workforce would expect under a single, company-wide, interactive solution. Offering rewards and benefits to your staff on a regular basis will give them an incentive to work hard and enjoy coming into the office. Some companies offer healthcare or life insurance, whereas others offer discounts at stores in the area or for services like Sky or Netflix.

Even rewarding staff with team building exercises, staff parties and bonuses gives them the incentive to enjoy the work they’re doing. If your workforce isn’t happy, then you have a big problem on your hands.


Giving your staff a platform to interact with each other and build relationships. Good relationships between team members is a great way of making sure that work is completed to a high standard. Within the staff portal, you can set up a forum and encourage your workforce to ask questions and share valuable feedback on their roles within the organisation. Not only does it allow people to learn more about each other and about other roles within the business, but it also gives staff the motivation to work hard and progress.

You can even add a ‘buy and sell’ section to the portal, allowing your workforce to advertise items that they’re selling without having to pay fees to list items on eBay or meet up with people they don’t know to drop things off.


The staff portal can be accessed anywhere, whether it be a work computer at lunch, or a smartphone on the way home. This allows staff members to stay in the loop at all times, at work or at home, and is mobile compatible so can even be used on the go. If staff come up with a new idea that they think would be great for the company, they can add it to the forum even if they’re at home making tea or on their commute into the office.

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