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Why Invest in a Paperless ISO System?

On average our paperless management system reduce our client’s admin time by around 60%-75%, we are also the only company to offer a system with no running costs, no subscriptions and no memberships, once we have built your system its free for life, our systems also back all data for 10 years to ensure you never lose critical data again, and due to the unique experience of the developers who are also time served ISO consultants we are able to integrate in any ISO standard you require which allows your system to be designed to meet the required criteria and standard just by using the system, no other company in the world offer this service (information based on search conducted 17th Sept 2017)

We build all our paperless systems and mobile apps in house, this means we have full control every step of the way, this also means we can tailor the system to ensure it fits your company and your goals perfectly.

Here are just some features we can add to the Your Company Paperless Management System that we feel would benefit Your Company

  • All Benefit of a Paperless System with Staff GPS Tracking
  • Reduce paperwork into easier to use functions for real time reporting
  • All staff can upload evidence, documents and photos instantly
  • Monitor processes and operations
  • Track logistics and orders
  • Provide staff training and interactive resources and promotions
  • Increase sales and brand awareness
  • Data Capture with Self-analysing facility to improve service provision
  • Instant Business Solution for any issue & ISO Compliance without need for extensive training
  • Meet Lone Worker Regulations

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